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We have a Plan for every size Telecom Operator!

Every Telecom operator needs protection against criminals stealing their profits. Too bad that many are using outdated, 10-20 year old systems. Time to step into the future with FAST. No matter the size of your Telecom, OpTech has FAST Plans & Pricing specifically for you.

Our flagship product FAST is like no other. FAST is the Fastest Fraud Management solution on the market. FAST can load billions of call records into RAM memory for Lighting FAST Fraud processing. FAST means faster analysis & faster decisions, saving all Network Operators lots of money!

And why are our prices so great? Our engineering team has been in this business for over 25 years, with 100+ installations in 45 countries. Best of all, the cost of our 4th generation development project is already paid off, allowing us to transfer these savings to you. Choose FAST as your next generation Fraud Prevention Solution.

Great Pricing...Easy Operation!

Move up to FAST!

FAST-Fraud Analysis & Security Technologies - OpTech Informatik

Replace your old, slow, & poorly supported Legacy Fraud Management system with FAST!

Faster Processing = Faster Decisions

Faster Decisions = Best Fraud Prevention

Cut Total Cost of Ownership by 50%

Increase Fraud Detection by 100%

Analyze 150 million transaction per second

Pre-loaded Rules for Care-free Operation

Future proof Web-platform

One time deployment costs are extra.
Prices are based on a 3 year contract.

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