Data Retention

Fraud Management for Telecom Network Operators


How long do we save our Call Data?

The European Union Passed Legislation requiring all Network Operators to Save their call data for an extended period of time. The data may be needed, in the future, for Criminal, or Terrorist investigations.

The Data Retention time is not absolutely fixed, but call data may be required to be saved for up to 24 months. Depending on the size of the Network, this could be a Tremendous Amount of Data. Billions and billions of call records.

Storing a large amount of data on a hard disk is no problem. However, Post-processing the Call Data to mine information about criminal, or terrorist activity can be daunting.


Large volumes of Call Data need to be stored securely, and may require analysis at a later date.


All call data should be Retained for up to 24 months.


The call data may to requested for Post-Processing & Analysis, at any time, during the Retention Period.

The "FAST-Data Retention Module" is your Answer!

Legislation changes all of the time. But only the FAST-Data Retention Module is flexible enough to change with the changing times.

FAST can handle huge amounts of Call Data at one time. FAST can Load Billions of the Retained Call Records into the computer RAM in seconds. Once in RAM, the FAST engine screams along Post-Processing and Analyzing the chosen Call Data parameters.

With the "Big Data" power of FAST, Criminal, or Terrorist Activity can be mined quickly and easily, whenever it is requested. Even 24 months from now!