Cyber Security

Fraud Management for Telecom Network Operators


Is your Network Protected?

The Cyber-attacks can come from any direction. So how do you protect your network? Simply talk with your friends at OpTech. We have decades of experience fighting network attacks.

To combat the latest Cyber-attacks, we routinely monitor suspicious inbound & outbound network traffic. We scan internal & external ports and monitor privilege escalation, or repeated credential access. We analyze application access to servers and file transfer data. We help you analyze every aspect of your Network Security Threats.

With the Big Data power of FAST, Billions of records can be loaded into computer the RAM in seconds. Once in RAM, the FAST engine screams along Processing and Analyzing the data to divulge any Cyber Security threats.


Cyber Attacks come from all angles and you need to keep up your defenses.


Criminals directly attack Network Servers, as well as Company Computers connected to the Network. Protect your Network by monitoring these transactions.


Let the Big Data processing capabilities of FAST monitor all of your Network Access points. Prevention is the best medicine!

The "FAST-Cyber Security Module" is your Cyber Security Threat Answer!

Cyber-attacks can come from any direction, let the FAST-Cyber Security Module protect your Network from these attacks.

FAST can handle huge amounts of Network Access Data at one time. FAST can Load Billions of transactions into the computer RAM in seconds. Once in RAM, the FAST engine screams along Processing and Analyzing the Cyber Security threats.

With the "Big Data" power of FAST, Criminal Activity can be detected quickly and easily!