Fraud & Revenue Assurance

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Fraud Management for Telecom Network Operators


How do we get our Fraud Situation and Revenue Drain under Control?

This Million Dollar question is continually on the minds of Network Operators around the globe, who constantly have Fraud Attacks from all sides. Networks are always being attacked, without any relief, they need Help fighting these criminals!

Criminals are clever, they Cheat, Hack, and Steal from Network Operators each day. When Networks think they have it under control, the Criminals find another way of attacking.

At the same time the Criminals are Bleeding Revenues from the Network Operators. The police can´t seem to help, so the Operators need to fend for themselves. It is a daunting situation, that costs the Network Operators time and money! But mostly lots of money!


Fraud hits from all sides, SIMBOX, illegal IMEI, Malware, PBX Hacking, Call Forwarding, etc. there are so many attacks, it is hard to keep track of them all.


Criminal attacks are Changing & Evolving. New scams, hacking, and illegal schemes pop up all the time.


The bottom line is, that all of this criminal activity is costing Million and Millions in lost Revenue. It is a crying shame, but True!

The All-in-One "FAST-Fraud & Revenue Assurance Module" Saves the Day!

When we claim that the FAST-Fraud & Revenue Assurance Module is an All-in-One solution, that is Exactly what we mean. We have spent thousands of hours making sure we have the Best Solution for any Mobile, Fixed, or IP Network Operator. By the Best, we mean the Fastest and most complete Solution!

OpTech is your expert Fraud Partner. When criminals attack, we have safety nets in place to catch them. From any angle the attack comes, we are your Expert Fraud Partner and have the Security Systems and Technologies to fight back. Every day we help protect Network Operators from over 30 Different Fraud Attacks. Fraud protection and management, is our core business, we will fight with you until the end!

It is really pretty simple, the quicker we detect the Fraud Attack, the Faster you can take Action. Fast Detection and Fast Action is exactly why we built the FAST engine so Fast and Powerful. Allowing Network Operators to make decisions and take Action in Real-Time. And it should go without saying, the faster the Action, the less of a Revenue Drain. Our FAST-Fraud & Revenue Assurance Module is the Best Solution for any Mobile, Fixed, or IP Network Operator. Faster is Better, and FAST is the Absolute Fastest!

Types of TeleCom Fraud Detected & Neutralized


SIM Stuffing

Multi-Party Calls

SIM Card Cloning

Call Selling

Mobile Commerce Provider



Conference Calls

Mobile Malware

Inbound Roaming

mobile to mobile


International Revenue Share

Call Forwarding


Risk to VPMN

Social Engineering

Illegal IMEI use

IMEI Cloning

Parallel Transactions

Premium Rate Service

PBX Hacking

and more!