IMEI Control

Fraud Management for Telecom Network Operators


I can´t find my phone Anywhere?

Sometimes phones are just Misplaced. You look around for awhile and then they show up. Other times they may actually be Lost, or Stolen. Or, without you knowing it, they may be Hacked, or Cloned.

Fortunately, each device has an individual serial number, called the IMEI. If your customers phone is Lost, or Stolen, they can report it and the number goes on a list. Reporting the loss limits their liability. But it does not limit the liability of the Network Operator.

Unfortunately, for the Network Operator, if the phone is Hacked, or Cloned, the customer usually has no idea, so they never report it! A criminal may be making lots of calls, which can be very expensive. In most cases, the Network Operator incurs the burden of these additional expenses.


A Misplaced phone is an inconvenience for your customer. Luckily, the Network incurs no additional Costs.


A Lost, or Stolen phone is also an inconvenience for your customer. However, for the Network, costs will probably run up.


A Hacked, or Cloned phone is a criminal act. You can definitely expect additional Costs to the Network!

The "FAST-IMEI Control Module" to the Rescue!

The OpTech FAST-IMEI Control Module utilizes sophisticated checks, and cross-checks to identify the usage of each device. First, the IMEI number is checked against the GMSA database for White & Black listed IMEI numbers. If a device was reported as Lost, or Stolen, the Network can immediately take action!

However, it may not be so easy. The FAST-IMEI Control Module initiates sophisticated "Big Data" measures to identify a Hacked, or Cloned device. With FAST, we have the processing power to perform these checks in a very short time. Criminals are always discovering new and clever ways of Stealing from the Network. OpTech, harnesses all of our processing power to identify, detect, alarm, and Alert the Networks, as Fast as possible, to fight back!

Scamming & Stealing of phones are everyday occurrences. With more than 15 Billion Mobile Devices in the world, there is ample of opportunity for these criminals. At OpTech, we strive to be one step ahead, assisting our Network partners in Fighting Back and saving these IMEI costs.