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We provide an Expert Suite of FAST-Telecom Fraud Management Modules. Each focusing on a specific Fraud Analysis & Revenue Assurance target. We Alert Mobile, Fixed & IP Network Operators about their Telecom Fraud, as FAST as possible!

FAST-Fraud Analysis & Security Technologies - OpTech Informatik


There is nothing faster than FAST, the 4th Generation AI TeleCom Fraud Analysis and Security Technologies Suite of Solutions. All
FAST Modules analyze millions of data records per second! FAST is an All-in-One Telecom Fraud Management solution, covering a multitude of Telecom Fraud attacks.

Telecom Fraud Management Services on a Platter - OpTech Informatik


When you need even more Big Data capabilities, we provide custom Managed Services,
Professional & Audit Services,
Software Development
Machine Learning Solutions.
Services on a platter to meet your
most demanding requirements.

Fraud Management for Telecom Network Operators


We focus on providing TeleCom Fraud Management & Solutions in Real-Time. A FAST analysis is the best solution for Mobile, Fixed, and IP Network Operators.

Our flagship product FAST is like no other. FAST is the only Fraud Management solution that can load billions of call records into RAM memory for Lighting FAST Fraud processing. FAST means faster analysis & faster decisions, saving the Network Operators lots of money!


Real-time processing Saves you the most Money!

Let our Experts help lead the way!

In the PAST...

Our engineering team has successfully implemented 100+ Installations. In over 40 Countries around the world.

At the PRESENT...

FAST customers process Billions and Billions of Call Records each and every Day. No other company can prevent Telecom Fraud Faster. Faster prevention is the key to FAST savings.

To the FUTURE...

OpTech is there for your future. We will support FAST products for the next 20 Years to assure that the best Fraud Management Software will never become obsolete.


FAST - Fraud Analysis & Security Technologies

Learn More...This video tells our FAST Story!


Our Suite of FAST-Fraud Management Modules

All FAST Modules are amazinglyextremelyincrediblyremarkablywonderfullyexceptionallyunusually Powerful, Efficient...and FAST!

Fraud & Revenue Assurance Telecom Fraud Management Module - OpTech Informatik

Fraud & Revenue Assurance

There is nothing faster than FAST - Fraud & Revenue Assurance All-in-One Solution for Mobile, Fixed and IP Networks. The 4th Generation AI transactional storage, analysis, and evaluation platform utilizes a highly effective Rule & Case Manager to detect any criminal activity. We are your Expert Partner for Telecom Fraud Management & Prevention!

Data Retention Telecom Fraud Management Module - OpTech Informatik

Data Retention

The EU requires storing telecom data for long periods. The FAST - Data Retention module can store, recover, and process billions of call records instantly, using our Big Data technologies.

IMEI Control Telecom Fraud Management Module - OpTech Informatik

IMEI Control

The FAST - IMEI Control checks the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of a device against lists to see if the phone has been Hacked, or Stolen. Mobile networks use IMEI numbers to verify valid devices to prohibit network access by unauthorized phones.

SIM Box Check Telecom Fraud Management Module - OpTech Informatik


A FAST - SIM BOX Check is essential to detect Bypass, or Gateway Fraud. Criminals use a BOX filled with SIM cards to illegally bypass an authorized point of interconnect, cheating Network Operators out of millions in revenue. FAST can detect and Stop these Attacks!

Cyber Security

Criminals are the highest threat, but they are not the only ones attacking networks. Cyber-attacks can come from any direction. So how do you protect your network? Simply talk with your friends at OpTech. We have decades of experience fighting network attacks.

Customer Satisfaction Telecom Fraud Management Module - OpTech Informatik

Customer Satisfaction

The FAST - Customer Satisfaction "SMART" reporting module comes with over 200 reports. Reports from Customer Usage to Customer Quality and Real-Alarm supervision to monitor subscribers and network breaches. These provide a scorecard for the Network Operators, to make sure your customers are happy with their Network Service.

FAST Implementation - Putting the Pieces Together



The network operator pushes the call data records into the FAST engine.


With lightening FAST speed the call data is processed using the highly efficient Alarm & Rule Manager.


Suspicious activity is  transferred to the convenient user Dashboard to review call Activity and Trends.


Before losing any more revenue, the Network Operator takes all actions necessary to protect themselves.


World-Class AI Solutions for your Telecom Network

Managed Services for Telecom Fraud Management - OpTech Informatik

Managed Services

OpTech provides the Hardware, Set-up, and defines the Rules. OpTech experts operate the FAST system on a 24/7 basis, in a secure cloud environment monitoring the alarms, then sending the results to the Network Operator. We are your Expert Fraud prevention provider!

Managed Services Plus for Telecom Fraud Management - OpTech Informatik

Managed Services Plus

In addition to the Managed Services, OpTech acts on Behalf of the Network Operator, analyzing the suspicious activity and taking the Necessary Actions. We gladly do all of the work for you.

Analysis Services for Fraud Management - OpTech Informatik

Analysis Services

In depth Analysis & Audit Services to assure the FAST system and all of the associated peripherals are running optimally. We help you fine-tune your Telecom Fraud Management & Analysis system.

Professional Services for Telecom Fraud Management - OpTech Informatik

Professional Services

We are always here to help our Customers with custom projects. Sometimes a problem arises needing a new and different Solution. Think of us as your TeleCom Solutions Partner.

OpTech Telecom Fraud Management Software People - OpTech Informatik

Software Development

If you have a project requiring expertise in (C++, JAVA, PYTHON, ORACLE, My Sql, Web, Angular JS, JSON, Dream factory or Linux), please contact us for a Software Development consultation.

Machine Learning Telecom Fraud Management Service - OpTech Informatik

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence allowing software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so. Our Big Data software expertise can help.

Here is what our Customers say...

Thank you Optech Informatik! With FAST we process over 2 billion call records every day. FAST more than paid for itself in no time. I could not be happier!

Largest Operator in EuropeCTO


Wow, the FAST system really works. Thanks OpTech!


IP Network OperatorCEO

I never had an idea of how much money we were really losing due to Fraud! Everything is finally under control. We could not have done it without OpTech. Thanks for all your help!

Mobile Network OperatorCFO


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