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We are OpTech Informatik!

OpTech focuses on identifying TeleCom Fraud in Real-Time. Like magic, we can load billions of call records into computer memory, assuring the fastest possible Fraud processing. Which is precisely why we named our Fraud solutions...FAST!

We are passionate about our Fraud Management system called FAST. World-Class software engineers have poured their hearts and souls into the FAST "Big Data" project. Spending thousands of hours to produce our 4th generation Fraud Analysis & Security Technologies solution...FAST!

We are very proud of our FAST products and support services. We continue to make this monumental effort on the behalf of all TeleCom Network Operators. We are committed to identifying TeleCom fraud, however it attacks the Network, as FAST and accurately as possible.

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OpTech Telecom Fraud Management Mission - OpTech Informatik

OUR Mission

To Design, Develop, Build, and Install the Fastest, most Robust, Intelligent, and Powerful TeleCom Fraud Solutions for our Clients...

The Mobile, Fixed & IP Network Operators.

OpTech Telecom Fraud Management Vision

OUR Vision

If it were not for our customers, we would not be in this business. They are both our partners and clients. Over the years, we have diligently worked hand-in-hand solving their ever changing requirements. Criminals are always finding new ways of attacking the TeleCom Networks and it takes all of our efforts to fight back and win.

OpTech is your true partner and expert in Big Data solutions for TeleCom Fraud attacks. We have decades of experience designing and developing key algorithms fighting the attacks. Always keeping in mind, that even if the FAST system is incredibly complex, the user interface needs to be easy and simple to operate.

Whether our clients run the FAST system themselves, or we run FAST system for them, you can rest assured that the entire OpTech team of engineers and support personnel are dedicated to helping you with your TeleCom Fraud solutions.

OpTech Telecom Fraud Management History - OpTech Informatik

OUR History

Since our inception is 2015, OpTech Informatik has only one focus and one goal. And that is to be the Fastest and most Reliable TeleCom Fraud Management system in the world. This is our challenging puzzle and we have the people, experience and capabilities to put all of the puzzle pieces in their right places.

OpTech Informatik is driven by highly charged professionals, with decades of experience in Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance. Our team has successfully implemented Telecom Fraud Management Projects in countries all over the world. We are your Expert Fraud Management Partner.

With a history like this, it is no wonder, that the 4th generation FAST engine is widely respected, as both a superior and yet practical solution. Your first defense for the broadest range of TeleCom Fraud attacks.


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