FAST – Customer Experience Management

FAST Customer Experience Management

The FAST Customer Experience Management Module is a break-through,  high Performance, Close to Realtime transactional storage, analysis and evaluation platform.

Based on the strong FAST InMemory DB we can keep up to 4 Billion records Online on just a 25k€ HW platform.

Data considered for Customer Experience Management integrates:

  •    Radio related Information (2G,3G,4G) on A, IuCs/IuPs Interfaces
  •    Call Setup/Data Transmission related Information (GPRS/User Plane)
  •    Call Records from Switches and/or Billing
  •    Roaming Related Information (Map)
  •    Customer Contract Data/Customer Profile Data
  •    IMEI/TAC Database
  •    Cell Location/Geography/Sectors & Azimuth Databases
  •    Google Maps Visualiuations

We can provide the following functions:

  • flexible SMART Reporting is based on the SQL Access function to the InMemory DB and allows to create powerful Reports related to Network Performance, Customer Service Usage, Customer Quality Experience etc. More than 200 Standard Reports can be provided with intial Setup.
  • Real-Alarm Supervision allow to Monitor Subscriber or Network KPI breaches
  • Multiple Dashboards: Keep you updated at any time at Close to Realtime about any breaches in Service SLA, extraordianary usage of Network Services

FAST CEM is based on breakthrough DB Performance, which can scan up to 150 Million records per second.

Due to enormous Speed of the internal database, even most complex Analysis queries can be answered in very short time Frames.

A large number of Reports can be updated in short intervals and as such deepen the Knowledge about the actual Network Performance.

With FAST CEM, the Monitoring and Analysis of a Network reaches new dimensions. See customer Problems, before the customer realizes, be prepared and take Counteractions.

Customer behaviours can be analysied related to their Service experience depending on customer Segment (Private, Business, Enterprise, VIP etc) and different ARPU classes. We can Profile customers longterm, monitor the detailed quality and service perception and predict churn probabilities as well.




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