Managed Services

In this business area OpTech provides hosted solutions in a secure cloud environment using OpTech’s products.

The customer provides the transactional & reference data, OpTech configures the setup, defines rules, operates systems on a 24×365 basis and provides results to the customer.


Fraud Management:

This service clearly intends to simplify Fraud Management for Network operators to a maximum. The network operator needs to push key xDR data as well as core master data to OpTech’s data center.

OpTech’s xperienced analyst team will collect the customer requirements for Fraud Detection and configure initial rules sets, which are constantly optimized during the operational phase of the service.

Alternatively OpTech can propose a full set of rules without customer input and manage fraud detection, creditlimit monitoring in the network.

OpTech analysts can also execute specific analysis sessions for selected fraud scenarios outside the standard service package.

The Fraud Operator can remotely access the secure Web-Based User Interface of the Fraud Management Application  via a protected (typically VPNed) connection and access the fraud analysis results.

Results are provided in the form of Cases with associated customer behaviour, significant events and daily, weekly and monthly reports allowing the monitor trends for the fraud situation in the network.

Services are provided on base of a solid and tight SLA to assure commercial risk is under full control.
Revenue Assurance:

Using the FAST Revenue Assurance Application OpTech offers a set of powerful data verifications.

Specific application areas are:

– Leakage Analysis and xDR Reconciliation
– Rating Verification
– Provisioning  Crosscheck

The customer just pushes the relevant data (xDR, reference data) to OpTech’s protected cloud platform.

OpTech takes care of the configuration and setup of the analysis, and executes on a 24×365 operational basis the application.

The customer gets access to results on daily basis or is informed immediately about any significant network issue.