Analysis Services

In this area OpTech is offering its expertise in the Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance domain:

Revenue Assurance Audits:

Key for the provisioning of this service is the powerful FAST application in combination with the domain expertise of OpTech experts.

Leakage Analysis

Based on data provided by the Operator, OpTech will analyse weather the xDR processing in the Rating & Billing chain is working according to the defined business rules.

In a typical audit, one month of interface xDR data of the Rating and Billing chain is provided to OpTech. Optech will analyse precisely if any type of data is lost, or wrongly processed.

Loosing one record in a billion – is the precisiness which can be expected and achieved by emulating the network operator’s business logic in Rating and Billing components.

Rating Verification

In a similar modell also for  Leakage Analysis, OpTech can verify/emulate the rating of xDR data and analyse if significant differences between the published tariffs and the actual prices charged can be identified.

Fraud Management

In the Fraud Mangement area we offer to apply standard rules as well as highly sophisticated rules to detect specific types of fraud and to provide insight into the actual fraud situation in the network.

We have a holistic approach, besides the analysis of very specific fraud scenarios, we can verify or propose a well-suited overall rule set and optimize the thresholds applied to suit in the best way to optimize earnings for the network operator.