OpTech Informatik is driven by highly experienced managers & technicians with many years of experience in Fraud Management, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Revenue Assurance, Customer Experience Management & Churn combined with excellent IT know how specifically in the domain of “Big Data” Analysis supported by ML using InMemory DBs.

OpTechs Team members have succesfully managed to develop and deploy europeans largest Fraud Management System, have executed dozens of audits, executed more than 100 projects in more than 40 countries on 4 continents in the past.

We believe to have a great reputation for technical skills and integration know how in even most challenging environments for Fraud and Revenue Assurance applications.

We are providing the best-in-class 4th Generation Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance systems to customers by combining longterm experience for Fraud and RA requirements and using solid and proven component SW to generate powerful and high quality SW.

In the area of Machine Learning, we are offering a wide range of solution building blocks: Outlier Detection, Time Series Prediction, complex Case Handling Learning, Text & Speech Recognition integrated into powerful Big Data “production ready” environments.

OpTech’s work is based on research and technology projects with selected german universities.