FAST – Data Retention

The FAST-DR Product supports Network Operators in fulfilling storage requirements related to latest EU- „Data Retention“ law.

This module is interesting for any Carrier, which requires virtual unlimited xDR storage and retrieval capacity on a long-term perspective  with lowest TCO in the market.

Core features of the solution are:

  • Very fast XDR/Transaction Data import (>> 1000s of records per second and CPU core)
  • Fast access to selective subscriber XDRs.
  • Multi-Format import, flexible XDR/xDR processing formats
  • Optionally Monitoring/Alarm checking of Subscribers based on xDR-Call Record related conditions
  • User Friendly Interface with Functions for Statistics, Alarm-Pattern Definition, Query&Retrieval & Export
  • Fully scalable, unlimited storage capabilities
  • Linear growth of data volume -> linear growth of HW costs !

Core of the FAST-DR application is a high-performance Transaction storage Kernel.

For the integration and storage of external data a standardized Loader Module is available.

Independent of this, also a Standard Import Library is available for a large set of xDR formats.

For the retrieval of xDR-Data a friendly Web-Based user interface is available.