Machine Learning / AI

Optech Informatik Engineers have long term experience e.g. in the domain of Fraud for pattern recognition and outlier detection. What began as a complex research field some twenty years ago has now transformed into a mature technology which can be used on production level in a large set of mission critical applications.

Our services are based on a framework of technologies:

– Python, Scikit-Learn, Gradient Boosting, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, Google BigQuery, Real-Time DBs

to be applied in a vast area of application fields:

– pure mass data analysis, cleaning, segmentation, pattern recognition, outlier detection, clustering analysis

– Text/Speech Recognition and Transformation

– complex decision learning, e.g. transform human case handling into automatic actions

– Time Series Prediction (e.g. Warehouse, Resource Consumption, Line Occupations)

– Picture & Image Classification

We can provide consulting services as well as customized products integrated into a production ready (VM-based) environment.