We see ourself as true experts for IT mass data applications (“Big Data”) and ML/AI since many, many years.

We have a vast experience in the run-time behaviour of key algorithms for mass-data analysis.

We truely like high-tech, innovative but mature technology and see this as key element for longterm success

Development design must fulfill complex requirements, but “keeping-it-simple” makes the difference.

All OpTech applications consider strong commercial impact, typically run on a 24×365 basis  and as a consequence built-in architectural quality and testability is a must.

OpTech is using a proven development framework using validated component-SW, whereever possible.

We are using  latest technologies like Tensorflow/Keras, LSTMs, XGBoost etc. to achieve major advancements in complex ML fields.



We simplify complexity and provide easy-to-use solutions for telco operators.

We provide business efficient ideas to the market and to customers.

We are a trusted long-term partner of our customers.

We want to increase and grow the partnership with customers.


Team & Values

OpTech has a high qualified team with strong University backgrounds in Computer Science and Machine Learning.

We are working in an industrial and competitive environment, but experienced and well-educated employees which can be bound long term to OpTech are seen as the key for success.

Seeing employees as partners is not a phrase, but at the core of OpTech spirit.