Managed Services Plus

In this area OpTech provides hosted solutions in a secure cloud environment using OpTech’s products.

The customer provides the data, OpTech configures the setup, defines rules, operates the Fraud and Revenue Applications  on a 24×365 basis and acts also fully on behalf of the network operator. This includes e.g. subscriber handling, defining strategies for actions, etc.

Fraud Management:

Fraud Management is simplified for a network operator, if he just provides core xDR data as well as Key customer data to Optech’s cloud environment.

OpTech experienced analyst team will collect the customer requirements for Fraud Management and configure initial rules sets, which are constantly optimized during the operational phase.

Alternatively OpTech can propose a full set of rules without customer input and manage the supervision of fraud or high usage in the network.

OpTech analysis can also execute specific analysis session for selected fraud scenarios outside the standard package.

OpTech operator team will agree for the rules to be applied on detected subscribers and will then act according to defined KPIs. E.g this includes the barring of subscriberse, the limitation of services, the request for separate on-demand payments, etc.

Revenue Assurance:

Using the FAST Revenue Assurance Applicatino OpTech offers different data verifications.

Specific application areas are:

– Leakage Analysis and xDR Reconciliation
– Rating Verification
– Provisioning  Crosscheck

The customer just pushes the relevant data to OpTech’s protected cloud platform.

OpTech takes care for the configuration and setup of the analysis, executed or configures the 24×365 operation and the customer gets access to results via a protected internet connection.

In the Manage Plus area, we take care on behalf of the network operator to follow-up with sysstem vendors or internal IT to initiate, track and verify the resolution of problems.